Why are people crazy about Awkwafina?

Awkwafina is the subject of major criticism on social media after a scene from one of his past films went viral.

The actress, real name Nora Lum, specifically receives backlash for her previous use of a blaccent (a black English accent imitated by non-white people, according to Dictionary.com) in her musical and film roles.

Criticism erupted when a Twitter user recently shared a clip from the 2018 film 8 from the ocean, in which Awkwafina plays the role of a pickpocket named Constance. The scene shows her character running a scam on a street corner, where someone has to follow a certain playing card while she shuffles it to make money.

Responses to the tweet called out Awkwafina for putting a blaccent in her character, as well as for using African American Vernacular English (AAVE) in general. Many also called her a hypocrite for previously claiming that she refused to use an Asian accent on screen.

In a January 2020 interview with VICE, the Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings The star spoke about cultural appropriation and her take on using accents in roles.

“I refuse to do accents,” she said at the time. “I disagree with someone who writes the Asian experience for an Asian character. I say it very clearly, I never go out for auditions where I feel like I make our people a minstrel. . “

“Awkwafina is so strange to say that”, one user tweeted. “In one case, you don’t want Asian people to be stereotypical in the movie, which is great, but then you keep laughing at what you describe as a blaccent despite having a normal voice?

Someone else added, “Non-black women like Awkwafina aren’t ‘changing the code’ with their stereotypical forced Bl accents. Their stereotypical forced Bl accents are a form of minstrel. Buddies?”

See more reactions on social media below.

Celebrities accused of cultural appropriation

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