What is the Great Replacement? Buffalo killer Payton Gendron cited theory as reason for hate crime

BUFFALO, NY: The 18-year-old who shot dead 10 people and injured three others at a Buffalo supermarket has reportedly released a white supremacist manifesto, outlining his step-by-step plan. Officials revealed that Payton Gendron claimed in a 180-page rant that he was ‘radicalized’ on the internet when he was bored during the early days of the pandemic, not by people he had personally met. The self-proclaimed white supremacist and anti-Semite has apparently learned through his ‘research’ that the world’s low white birth rates are a ‘crisis’ that ‘will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the people of Europe’.

Speaking of other racially motivated killings, Gendron said he “mostly agreed” with Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a man who live-streamed his attack that ultimately killed 51 at a New Zealand mosque in March. 2019. Gendron reportedly began planning the attack in January. He chose Tops Supermarket in Buffalo because “it has the highest percentage of black population” by zip code, and also because it wasn’t very far from his Southern Tier home. New York Post reported.


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In a section of the manifesto, Gendron detailed his step-by-step plans for the day of filming. He also wrote about the corned beef hash he ate for breakfast. He planned how he would get to the supermarket, wear his bulletproof vest and carry his gun. He also wrote about the live broadcast of the attack.

Reports say the Buffalo Massacre is the latest in a wave of mass shootings inspired by the Great Replacement theory – a racist theory popular among white supremacists and the far right.

What is the Great Replacement Theory?

Spread by French author Renaud Camus, the Great Replacement theory is a far-right white nationalist conspiracy theory. He states that white people are being replaced in their countries by people of color, which will lead to the extinction of the white race. The theory stemmed from the belief that the ethnic French population, as well as white European populations, was being demographically and culturally replaced by non-European people, including Arab, Jewish, Berber, Turkish and Sub-Saharan Muslim populations.

Since the late 19th century, various similar themes have characterized other far-right theories. This particular term, however, was popularized by Camus in his 2011 book “The Great Replacement”. The theory is popular among far-right anti-migrant movements in the West. These claims were dismissed by critics, who said that this belief resulted from an exaggerated reading of immigration statistics and stemmed from unscientific and racist views.

Gendron reportedly drove “hours away” in Conklin, New York, to Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue. The shooting took place in a predominantly black neighborhood. Eleven of the victims were black and two of them were white. “We are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism,” Stephen Belongia, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Buffalo field office, said at a conference call. hurry. Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said, “It was pure evil. It was a racially motivated hate crime.”

Two people who saw Gendron said he was wearing camouflage with a black helmet. “He was standing there with the gun to his chin. We were like what’s going on? Why does this kid have a gun to his face? Braedyn Kephart, a witness, said. He described how the shooter fell to his knees, ripped off his helmet and dropped his gun, before being tackled by police.

Gendron has pleaded not guilty to the murders, his lawyer confirmed, according to the Daily mail. He allegedly scrawled the word N on his rifle before committing the massacre.

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