Wondering about the Money Loan, but you need help in making the final decision? Take advantage of our users’ hints! Opinions expressed by them about Money Immediately became the basis for us to draw up a list of the pros and cons of this lender. Convince yourself, then, when it is worth lending in this company!

You might consider us if you want payday loans for poor credit 

For payday loans to this company, it is definitely worth coming when you have bad credit- read more… Money Immediately declares that it rejects only the applications of clients entered in BIG registers. So, if your debt details are only in the Credit Information Bureau, which makes other lenders reject your requests, you should immediately find what you are looking for in Cash!

What matters for you is the speed of action and the flexibility of repayments? Choose offer Money Immediately! The lender tries to provide the fastest possible application and transfer of cash to your account. What’s more, in the event of difficulties with repayment installments, together with you will set a new schedule for the return of borrowed money.

Non-bank companies often do not want to lend money to seniors. Although pensioners are a social group that can show a steady and regular income, their age is usually an obstacle in their case. Cash Instantly understands that older people also have their plans and dreams. Therefore, they do not limit their ability to apply for a loan, and the borrower can get cash in this company even up to the age of 80!

The pros and cons of loans in Money Immediately

Help us to complete this list! We collect reviews of Cash. Immediately, please describe your experience with the company in the comments below. All comments and customer stories are read and taken into account by us.

Advantages of loans in Money Immediately

  • prices close to the competition
  • the loan also for people entered into BIK
  • the ability to repay the loan for a maximum of 24 installments
  • the possibility of establishing new conditions for returning liabilities in the event of problems with repayment of the installment
  • contract sent to an e-mail and signed in the presence of a courier
  • quick transfer of cash to your account (immediately after receiving documents from the courier)
  • the offers can also be used by people around 80 years of age
  • no need to provide additional documents

Disadvantages of loans in Money Immediately

  • loan available only to persons over 20 years of age
  • customer control in all BIG databases
  • rejection of the loan application if the customer’s entry to the BIG is confirmed
  • high costs of late payment (paid debits)
  • additional fees (preparatory, administrative)