Video: Second Virginia Attorney General Debate Between Mark Herring And Jay Jones


See the video of the second Virginia Attorney General’s debate below, between incumbent AG Mark Herring and challenger, Del. Jay Jones. Also find the pre-debate press releases of the two candidates, distributed before the start of the forum tonight …

UPDATE 7:59 p.m. – AG Herring said Democrats have a clear choice between his proven record and Del. Jones, of whom Herring accused a case that “does not match his case” (on predatory lenders, protection of victims of abuse, civil rights, etc.). Herring said he faced the biggest fights and won, and will continue to do so in a third term. He said the Republicans’ AG candidate is an “anti-choice, anti-health-care, NRA Republican who would just take us back to the days of Ken Cuccinelli,” and we can’t let that happen. Of the. Jones accused Herring of talking more about the past than the future, that Herring created an animal rights division before a civil rights division; said we need someone who will ‘lead and not follow’, will not just do the ‘bare minimum’ and will have to be ‘pushed to do the right thing’.

UPDATE 7:55 p.m. – The two candidates agree on the crucial importance of defending the right to vote. Herring spoke about his Voter Protection Team, which works to ensure Virginians’ right to vote is protected. Jones noted that this issue is personal and important to him as he has ancestors who had to pay local taxes and had their right to vote cut short or denied, which shows how important this issue is to him. He called for a unit dedicated to voter protection in the GA office.

UPDATE 7:53 p.m. – The two candidates agree on the importance of protecting children on the Internet.

UPDATE 7:50 p.m. – Jones said he has always been opposed to the death penalty, also accusing Herring of apologizing “without any empathy” on “blackface”. Jones said he didn’t appreciate being “a lecture.[d]”On criminal justice and said he was“ insulted ”Herring would try to say anything else. Herring said he has made the protection and expansion of civil rights a cornerstone of his office. Herring said Jones “would not be working with us in 2019 to make [a civil rights division] a permanent part of our office. Herring said Jones’ bill would have been the “biggest civil rights setback in modern Virginia history” and accused Jones of “making mistakes and making bad choices like that.”

UPDATE 7:48 p.m. – Both candidates said Democrats had passed good progressive bills backed by Virginians.

UPDATE 7:44 p.m. – AG Herring accused Del’s death penalty bill. Jones for being “faulty, there were gaping holes”, adding that AG’s office “caught it… examined it… corrected it and made sure it was done right”. Jones said Herring voted 16 times to preserve the death penalty, that he was against its repeal before it was, and that is another example of doing things when they are politically popular. Herring said that as recently as last year Jones said he would “support lethal injection as a last resort”, and that he “introduced legislation that did not do the job properly”, and “this is a pattern that we saw with Del. Jones … continues to make mistakes … at critical times. Jones said ‘there he is again’, that Herring had used his office to defend the state in order to ‘keep those secret processes. ”Jones said he would never choose when to step up.

UPDATE 7:38 p.m. – Both candidates agree that there is a gun violence problem in Virginia and that we need to do something about it. Herring said he took on the gun lobby and was backed by Brady, Giffords and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Jones has said there is a radical Republican ticket that will do everything possible to roll back gun violence prevention laws… and he looks forward to fighting Republicans over it.

UPDATE 19:34 – AG Herring accused Del. Jones for essentially taking a bunch of things the GA office is already doing on criminal justice reform and making it part of their own plan. Jones said he has a forward-looking criminal justice reform plan, including an end to qualified immunity, which looks forward and leans, doesn’t just wait for the matter to be. politically popular. Herring accused Jones of having had the opportunity to support survivors of domestic violence / abuse, but “didn’t get it, you sided with the abusers and voted against a stricter law of order. protection “.

UPDATE 19:21 – This has been quite controversial so far. Essentially, The herring went after Jones for “teaming up with payday lenders to benefit Virginia’s most vulnerable communities … allowing predatory lenders to charge up to 350% interest.” For its part, Jones takes on the herring saying he is “disturbing[ed]… That our Attorney General has been silent when we are faced with these challenges ”, that“[w]We need a leader, not a follower and Mark Herring has not been a leader in this space at all. Jones also brought up the “blackface”, while Herring essentially accused Jones of being ineffective and “silent as a church mouse” on important issues.


“You couldn’t get Democrats to stand up for marriage equality, the immigrant community, or run on a platform of tough gun safety laws or the legalization of marijuana, until that I’m running these things. “

RICHMOND, Virginia – Attorney General Mark Herring enters tonight’s debate by continuing to advocate for re-election, describing how Virginia’s political landscape has changed under his leadership in an interview with Kellen Squire and the Daily Kos.

“You couldn’t get Democrats to stand up for marriage equality, the immigrant community, or run on a platform of tough gun safety laws or the legalization of marijuana, until what I’m running these things, ”Attorney General Mark Herring said. “We have achieved progressive reforms that Democrats and Republicans alike thought were impossible, and we cannot take these victories for granted. I will always be an attorney general who will lead the most difficult fights, taking over from the Virginians who need it most. “

Attorney General Mark Herring won a landmark court ruling for marriage equality for LGBTQ Virginians, defended Virginians’ civil rights, women’s health care and the protections of the Affordable Care Act. Tackled police and criminal justice reform, cleared Virginia’s rape kit backlog, holds opioid makers accountable, tackles systemic discrimination in schools, protects immigrant rights, is leading the charge on gun reform, and has even filed a landmark lawsuit to bring ERA into the Constitution.

Read the Daily Kos’ full profile on Herring’s reform agenda for workers, civil rights and criminal justice here.


WHAT TO LOOK FOR: “Jay Jones sues incumbent President Mark Herring over police reform”
RICHMOND— Ahead of the second debate in the Virginia Attorney General’s Democratic Primary, check out highlights from the first and the main race themes that will be in the spotlight again tonight:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Jay Jones sues incumbent Mark Herring over police reform in Democratic attorney general debate
By Patrick Wilson

Key points:

  • Democratic lawmakers defying Attorney General Mark Herring in the June 8 primary aggressively slammed him in their first debate Wednesday night, denouncing the incumbent’s reluctance to use his office to investigate police shootings and claiming Virginians are tired of inaction on police accountability.
  • “All the experience in the world doesn’t mean anything if you have to be pressured into doing the right thing,” Jones said. “This office can do so much, and we have to look to this new Virginia decade.”
  • “When I saw the video of Derek Chauvin putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck, I felt it painfully,” Jones said. “I felt the bullets in my back like I was Jacob Blake who was shot in Wisconsin. Virginians are calling for reforms to our justice system. “


Jay Jones: “I feel this knee in my neck … I feel these bullets in my back”:

Jay jones holds Herring responsible for not upholding qualified immunity:

Jay jones calls Mark Herring to silence over the police shootings:

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