Two lifelong thefts to KC after pickup crashed into rear of UTV

An overnight crash injured two people, including a pedestrian, on the Livingston County Road JJ. The driver of a northbound pickup truck was arrested after colliding with an all terrain vehicle stopped a mile and a half north of Avalon.

Severe injuries have been reported for John Deere Gator driver Charles Plummer of Hale, 75. The soldier said a pedestrian, Susan Bachman, 63, of Chillicothe, stood in front of the UTV using a leaf blower to remove grass from the freeway and was seriously injured.

Plummer was taken by EMS to Hedrick Medical Center and then transported by Life Flight Eagle to Liberty Hospital. Ms. Bachman was also taken first to Hedrick and then transported by Life Flight to St. Luke’s Hospital in the Plaza in Kansas City.

The van struck the rear of the UTV causing it to strike the pedestrian, causing her to fall to the ground. Significant damage has been reported to both the UTV and the pickup.

The operator of the van, Steve Wilson, 33, of Chillicothe, has been charged with driving while intoxicated causing serious bodily harm as well as reckless and reckless driving resulting in an accident. Wilson was taken in a 24-hour wait to the Daviess-DeKalb Regional Prison.

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