Two Algerian ministries stop the use of French in official relations

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Amid mounting tensions with France, Algerian ministries are asking staff to use the Arabic language in official correspondence.

People hold a sign and Algerian flags during a rally to commemorate the brutal crackdown on an October 17, 1961 demonstration near the Pont Neuf on October 17, 2021 in Paris. (AFP)

Two Algerian ministries have decided to end their use of the French language in official correspondence in view of the growing tensions between Algiers and Paris.

On Thursday, the Algerian Ministry of Vocational Training issued a circular on behalf of Minister Yassin Merapi, asking staff to use the Arabic language in their official correspondence.

“I attach the utmost importance to the strict application of this circular,” added Merapi.

Likewise, the Minister of Youth and Sports Abdel Razzaq Sabbak also ordered the use of Arabic in the internal correspondence of the ministry from November.

With the exception of the Ministry of Defense, all Algerian ministries use French in their correspondence and statements, although the country’s constitution states that Arabic is the first national and official language, followed by Amazigh / Berber.

Over 130 years of colonial rule

The decisions of the two ministries were taken in light of the current crisis between Algeria and France following the words of French President Emmanuel Macron which were considered by many Algerians as insulting.

Algeria responded by recalling its ambassador to Paris and banning French military planes from using Algerian airspace on October 3.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron accused the Algerian authorities of stoking hatred against France.

The use of French spread in Algeria during 132 years of colonial rule by France between 1830 and 1962.

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