Tunisian protesters attack TV crew – Middle East Monitor

Yesterday, journalists working for Tunisian national television were “violently attacked” while covering “anti-coup” demonstrations.

Journalists’ Syndicate sources, quoted by local media, said the journalists, Fadwa Shtoro and Ayman Al-Hajj Salem, suffered “serious head injuries” as a result of the attack.

“Some protesters also attacked two photojournalists who were providing coverage,” the sources added.

Local security forces had intervened to protect the press team after they were attacked and removed them from the protest site.

On July 25, Tunisian President Kais Saied invoked Article 80 of the constitution to impeach Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi, freeze the work of parliament for 30 days, lift the immunity of ministers and appoint himself head of the executive until a new government is formed.

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It comes after violent protests erupted in several Tunisian cities criticizing the government’s handling of the economy and the coronavirus. The demonstrators had called for the dissolution of parliament.

The majority of the country’s political parties called the move a “coup against the constitution” and the achievements of the 2011 revolution.

Protests against his actions have intensified in recent days, with Tunisians calling it a “power grab”.

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