Tamazight, an official language of Morocco, receives more attention


In an interview with Al-Fanar Media, Bouyakoubi pointed out that one problem is the low level of some students in French, the language of instruction often used in teaching Tamazight at university, also deters many students from continue their studies.

In addition, some students mistakenly think that Tamazight is an easy subject because it is their mother tongue, when in fact it is a linguistic specialization which, like all languages, requires great effort. This causes some students to feel frustrated and withdraw from the program.

Nevertheless, some Amazigh activists seem optimistic about an improvement in the teaching of Tamazight, after Saïd Amzazi, the Moroccan Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, did promises during his party’s election campaign two weeks ago.

Amzazi announced a ten-year program for teaching Tamazight and promised to open Tamazight courses in universities at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels, in addition to developing programs for teaching Tamazight in schools.

“A bachelor must master Tamazight, just like his fluency in Arabic, to give it the status it deserves,” the minister said in a statement.

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At a press conference for his party ahead of the kingdom’s legislative and local elections, held earlier this month, Amzazi vowed to mainstream the teaching of Tamazight by employing thousands of teachers. Two hundred teachers were employed last year, he said, and another 400 will be employed at the start of this school year, followed by 1,000 teachers, with a plan to employ 5,000 teachers in 2030.


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