Racism darkens Moroccan soccer match after Amazigh fans insulted

Racism swept through Moroccan football stadiums this week after supporters of Hassania Agadir team were the subject of racist slogans and cheers during their match against Raja Casablanca, prompting them to file a complaint with the International Football Federation in order to intervene and put an end to such hostile behavior.

During the match played on Monday at the Mohammed V stadium in Casablanca, supporters of the Moroccan Raja de Casablanca received the Hassania Agadir team and their crowd with racist and ethnic slogans such as “Sit down, Amazigh” in a pejorative tone, referring to ethnic origin. of the team that belongs to an Amazigh-speaking region.

Following the incident, Hassania Agadir supporters sent a letter to FIFA on Friday complaining about the indifference and lack of sympathy they received after contacting the Moroccan Football Federation (MPF), who did not inflict any penalty on the supporters of Raja Casablanca.
In their letter, the supporters of Hassania Agadir declared themselves “shocked by the scans of racist slogans against them by Moroccan supporters during the match between the two teams” and asked FIFA to intervene to fight against these racist behaviors in order to deter the public so that these actions do not contribute to reinforce racism in national and international stages, in order to support moral standards that are far from racism.

Fans of the same team also complained that they were refused entry into the stadium with the Amazigh flag, which represents the identity of the Amazigh people during their team’s various matches.

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