Protests against El Kamour resume after arrest of leader – Middle East Monitor

The demonstrations were renewed yesterday in the Tunisian governorate of Tataouine the day after the arrest of the general coordinator of the sit-in of El Kamour, Dhaou El-Ghoul.

El-Ghoul’s arrest came a week after Hichem Mechichi’s government signed an agreement with protesters in Tataouine, ending the movement that lasted for nearly four years.

According to Anadolu Agency correspondent, dozens of demonstrators set fire to tires in the city center, after organizing a march in front of the governorate’s court of first instance.

During the march, the demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the release of El-Ghoul.

El Kamour sit-in spokesperson Tarek Haddad said Anadolu Agency: “After the last agreement on the El Kamour case, we were surprised today by the arrest of the sit-in coordinator, despite the fact that the agreement provided for the abandonment of all criminal proceedings against the demonstrators. “

“We hope our brother will be released soon.”

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Anadolu Agency was unable to obtain an official statement from security or judicial authorities regarding El-Ghoul’s arrest.

On November 7, the Tunisian government announced that it had reached a final agreement with protesters in the oil-rich region after negotiations that lasted more than a month.

In a statement, the government welcomed the agreement, which represents “a solution to the problem of El Kamuor which has persisted since 2017”.

The agreement with the protesters of El Kamour stipulates the reopening of the oil and gas pumping station in the desert in exchange for the satisfaction of the protesters’ demands related to the increase of employment opportunities and the development of the region.

The deal came after a series of consultations and meetings that lasted nearly a month, following protests calling for the full activation of the El Kamour accord signed with the previous government in 2017.

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