! Murcia today – Second meeting of the Camposol working group held at the town hall of Mazarrón

Publication date: 09/15/2022

Mayor of Mazarron praises smooth communication as efforts are made to resolve issues caused by inappropriate construction on Rambla de los Aznares

The second meeting of the working group of the round table to solve the infrastructure problems that affect the development of Camposol was held on Wednesday, September 14 at the town hall of Mazarrón and chaired by the mayor Gaspar Miras.

At the first meeting of the group on July 6, the group was officially formed and on this occasion those present again represented the Hydrographic Confederation of the Segura Basin (CHS), which depends on the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the National Government , of the Region of Murcia government department of water and the town hall of Mazarrón. In addition to these different levels of government, the inhabitants were also represented by members of the Association of Neighbors of Camposol and the Association of Camposol Inhabitants (CRA), as well as all the political groups present in the town hall.

On the agenda of the meeting was a summary of the technical consultations that took place between the City Council of Mazarrón and the CHS on August 4, the project for the diversion and channeling of the flood channel of the Rambla de los Aznares, including various alternatives, their technical and financial viability, and the conclusions reached by each administration as to the most appropriate way to find a solution that is optimal for residents and least detrimental to their interests.

In addition, an agreement has been reached to study the technical implications of modifying one of the proposed alternatives with more modern programs and methods in order to establish whether it still meets the criteria of each administration and, if so , if it would affect any of the houses already built. It is also necessary to analyze whether this alternative can be made more economical and its technical difficulties facilitated.

The town hall reports that the fluid communication between the three administrative bodies and the inhabitants participating in the working group facilitates progress towards the identification of the best solution, and that thanks are due to each of the participants for the interest shown in finding in the as soon as possible the most advantageous solutions for the residents of Camposol.

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