Morocco targeted for planned attacks due to its security and stability, says King Mohammed VI

Morocco has recently been the target of attacks planned and hatched by certain countries and organizations known for their hostility towards the Kingdom, a country steeped in history, said King Mohammed VI, indicating that these countries have concocted a campaign of their own. whole to distort the image of the Moroccan. institutions and undermine their usefulness and effectiveness in preserving the security and stability of Morocco.

“Morocco is a target because it is a country steeped in history – it has existed for more than twelve centuries, not to mention the long Amazigh history of the nation – and it is ruled by a citizen monarchy that has existed for more than four centuries. , and which is rooted in a solid bond between the throne and the people ”, declared the Sovereign in a speech which he delivered Friday evening on the occasion of the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People .

The royal speech indeed comes at the end of an unprecedented episode of fallacious accusations to which Morocco has responded firmly to thwart all the tendencies which aim to destabilize it or to discredit its action and its position.

The King clarified that Morocco is also a target because of the security and stability and the reputation and undeniable prestige it enjoys. “These are invaluable assets, especially in light of the upheavals that characterize the world today,” said the Sovereign, noting that “the Kingdom also has a strong network of relationships and connections and is a nation trustworthy and credible at regional and international levels “.

Like some other countries of the Arab Maghreb Union, Morocco is the target of deliberate and hostile attacks, insisted the King, adding that the enemies of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom are building their positions on ready-made premises, but obsolete, and do not want Morocco to remain free, strong and influential.

Unfortunately, some countries, especially European ones, which are traditional partners, fear for their economic interests, their markets and their spheres of influence in the Maghreb region, he continued, noting that some of their leaders do not understand. that the problem does not lie in the systems of the Maghreb countries, but in theirs.

“These are systems that continue to feed off the past and cannot stay abreast of new developments. The past few months have shown that these countries are facing serious shortcomings in terms of respect for state institutions and its fundamental and traditional functions, ”added King Mohammed VI.

“Therefore, they want us to become like them. And to this end, they invoke unfounded pretexts and accuse our national institutions of not enforcing rights and freedoms in order to tarnish their reputation and to try to undermine the esteem and the great respect enjoyed by our country ”, underlined the king in his speech.

They do not want to recognize that the rules of the game have changed – that our countries are able to run their own affairs and use their energies and resources for the benefit of their people.

Thus, all possible means – legal and others – were used, roles assigned and considerable resources mobilized to involve Morocco in problems and disputes with certain countries. In fact, some reports have really crossed the line. Instead of calling for support of Morocco’s efforts for balanced development in the region, they made recommendations to hamper Morocco’s progress, arguing that its development creates an imbalance between Maghreb countries.

In addition, they have concocted a full-fledged campaign to distort the image of our security institutions and undermine their usefulness and effectiveness in preserving the security and stability of Morocco. These institutions also provide support and coordinate action at the regional and international levels, as recognized by a number of these countries themselves. And since each cloud has a glimmer of hope, the plots hatched by the enemies of our territorial integrity only strengthen the faith of Moroccans and their determination to continue to defend their homeland and its interests.

Whether these parties like it or not, we will continue on the path we have chosen for ourselves, despite the exasperation of enemies and the envy of those who hate us, underlined the Sovereign.

“Some people claim that Morocco is under attack because it has changed its political and strategic orientation, or because of the way it handles certain diplomatic issues. This is simply not the case. Morocco has changed a lot, but not as they wish. Morocco does not accept that its best interests are violated. At the same time, my country wishes to maintain strong, constructive and balanced relations, especially with our neighbors.

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