Morocco blocks Amazigh national conference – Middle East Monitor

Moroccan authorities have banned the Amazigh movement in the country from holding a national conference scheduled for later this month, Hespress reported.

According to the newspaper, the movement aimed to use the conference to consolidate its ranks and mobilize efforts to give new impetus to its work. It has seen a decline in recent years, which was exacerbated in recent elections when activists announced they were joining a political party.

In response to the ban, the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference of the Amazigh Movement in Morocco called the decision illegal.

Moroccan Organization for Human Rights: the issue of the Amazigh language does not meet expectations

“The ban is a negative indicator, and it reflects the bias of a political party that strives to hold rallies without any problems,” said committee member Saeed Al-Farwah. “We have duly complied with all stipulated legal steps and tried for three weeks by all legal means to implement the requirements of the law and exercise the right of assembly, but the authorities have repeatedly confirmed that the holding of the National Conference of the Amazigh Movement in Sidi Ifni was rejected”.

He revealed that the organizers are studying two options: stick to the initial plan and hold the conference in Sidi Ifni, or move it later to another location. Farwah insisted that the conference has not been canceled and will take place.

The Amazighs are indigenous peoples who inhabit the region stretching from the Siwa Oasis in western Egypt to the Atlantic coast; and from the Mediterranean in the north to the Great Desert in the south.

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