Moroccan Berber language Tamazight could join Google translate – General news

RABAT – A petition on the Avaaz online campaign community website has put the Tamazight Berber language in the spotlight, and the language, which is already recognized by the iPhone, can now be included in Google translate.

The association “La Rando”, which launched the petition, estimates that Tamazight is spoken by more than 60 million people and “too often relegated to the rank of folklore”.

Berber pride is visible around the letter “Z” of the Tamazight alphabet, which symbolizes the free man.

The Berbers are gradually claiming the recognition of this ancient language, which is written from left to right and has its own literature.

In Morocco, those who speak Berber have already translated street signs and signs for large public places such as schools and town halls, as the language was added as an official language to the country’s Constitutional Charter in 2011.

From now on, those who speak Berber would like recognition for the “Yennayer”, the Amazigh New Year which falls on January 12 of the Gregorian calendar and this year the market on the first day of the year 2969.

The petition, which has exceeded 36,000 signatures, opens up new scenarios.

La Rando said the Google translate team had already called to make sure they would consider the idea.

The online translator currently understands over 100 languages.

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