Moroccan artists perform heritage music in the capital

Moroccan music stars captivate crowds at a concert on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. WAM

Yesterday evening, a number of Moroccan music stars gave a concert on the Abu Dhabi Corniche, in the presence of Mohammed Sajid, Moroccan Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy and thousands of fans of authentic Moroccan music. The concert celebrated the Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019 event, which runs until April 30 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

The music concert featured a talented group of distinctive Moroccan singers: Saida Charaf, Abdelhafid Douzi, Oulad El Bouazzaoui Band, Abderrahim Souiri, Zina Daoudia, Lamia Zaidi, Abdelali Anouar, Mohamed Derham, Raissa Tihihite, Batoul Marouani and Maalem Bakbou, all who has performed a wonderful variety of different styles of Moroccan music including Gnawa, Amazigh, Andalusian, Sahrawi, Chaabi and Modern songs.

The free concert opened with two pieces of authentic melody from the musicians before Abderrahim Souiri and Lamia Zaidi joined them on stage to sing ‘Habib Alqalb’, ‘Ana Mani Fiash’, followed by a moving ballad. Abdelali Anouar and Gnawa Band sang ‘Alash ya Ghazali’, ‘Ash Dak Tamshi Lelzein’ and ‘Khalini Baied’. Fans were delighted to see Khaled El Bouazzaoui, who performed the traditional medley “Mal Habibi”, before songs and performances by Mohamed Derham, Nabil Al Khaldi, Maalem Bakbou and Lamia Zaidi, especially the two beautiful songs, “Naksha “and” Hamouda ‘.

Fans of the concert went wild when Raissa Tihihite joined Maalem Bakbou to present ‘Moulai Ibrahim’, after which Raissa Tihihite performed solo with Amazigh songs.

In an inspiring end to the exciting night, Moroccan stars gathered in chorus to sing the masterpiece, ‘Nedaa El Hassan’, with all of its historical and moral significance for Moroccan fans.

This year, the event offers visitors the opportunity to explore Morocco’s rich heritage in architecture, music, art and cuisine. In addition, customs, traditions, fashion and the Moroccan Heritage Museum, will all be presented in a sensational and elegant way to delight the senses.

This edition celebrates Moroccan women and their uniqueness of generosity, dedication, intuition, vision and creativity. The event also presents the traditional architecture of Morocco; characterized by its simplicity and authentic identity.

Moroccan music will entertain visitors with traditional Moroccan, spiritual and tribal rhythms under one roof. The artists will showcase their talents as musicians and animators throughout the day.

Fans of traditional industry will have the chance to explore and discover the skilled genius and gifted talents of Moroccan craftsmanship reflecting the ancient heritage and the Arab Islamic heritage; such as brasseward, saddlery, jewelry, embroidery, raffia shoes, Cherbil, Tazwaqt, woodcuts, pottery as well as the famous amlou, and henna tattoo.

A special evening for an exclusive fashion show will take place during the event.

For the first time, the Museum of Moroccan Heritage will present to history and antiques lovers rare exhibits, reflecting the rich history and civilization of Morocco, rooted in Arab history and embodying the heritage of many civilizations. and migrations that have crossed its territory throughout history.

The Abu Dhabi Corniche will host a second free Moroccan concert celebrating the Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019 event tonight, Friday April 19, which will be staged by the same group of elite stars.

This year’s edition is filled with a friendly, enchanting and welcoming heritage environment, enriching the imagination and memories of visitors with its various cultural, artistic and historical activities and its collections of antiques.

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