London Surf/Film Festival

From over 100 submissions, we’ve assembled a program of the best films from around the world – highly anticipated premieres, award-winning features and independent films – that represent the pinnacle of contemporary surfing here and now. From dueling wild slabs at the outer limits of human endurance, and finding new waves on the frigid fringes, to Lauren Hill’s exploration of the physics of the nose, it’s about offering new perspectives and new training.

There are documentaries to spark debate, biopics to inspire, travelogues to fuel wanderlust, and cinematography and surfing to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Accompanied by Q&As and “audiences with…”, some of the world’s most relevant surfers and exciting creatives including Chargers Balaram Stack and Tom Lowe, award-winning filmmakers such as Ben Gulliver, Mikey Corker, a Q+A very special with Dir. Lewis Arnold hosted by Looking Sideways’ Matt Barr, along with special guests, workshops, good times and more, it’s a true celebration of the cream of surf culture.

We’re bringing a whole host of firsts to the UK, but it’s much more than that. It’s about the people, the places, the gathering and sharing of stories, ideas and enthusiasm. For many of the films we will premiere, the festival will be the only chance to watch them as they were meant to be enjoyed – on the big screen, accompanied by packed crowds of like-minded people – the original experience of “social media”…you won’t want to miss this.

Tickets are on sale now. Evening Pass: £20 includes entry to an entire night of film, a free beer from our friends at Sharp’s and one of our now iconic limited edition tote bags for the first 100 people each night! Evening passes are limited, always sold out and when they’re gone, they’re gone.


11th LS/FF edition:
November 25 – 26 – Riverside Studios, West London, W6 9BN
December 2 – Genesis, East London, E1 4UJ
FRIDAY, NOV 25, Riverside Studios // SESSION 1 // 6:45 p.m.

WILD WATERS Dir. Mikey Corker
LONDON PREMIERE: Multi-award winning documentary. A journey in search of a mythical wave in the unexplored waters of the Atlantic. Renowned skipper, Matt Knight with his family of surfing adventurers and big wave loader Andrew Cotton set sail in pursuit of the “perfect wave”. Deadly challenges test the tight-knit team for whom living life to the fullest often means putting themselves in danger. An unmissable story of equal parts courage, exploration and inspiration.
Accompanied by a very special Q+A
Presented with: SHORTIES shortlisted film First Light Stillness Dir. Bella Bunce Beth Leighfield surfs the dawn of Kernow.
FRIDAY, NOV 25, Riverside Studios // SESSION 2 // 9:00 p.m.
ISLAND X Dir: Ben Weiland
EUROPEAN PREMIERE: From multi-award winning filmmaker Ben Weiland comes this highly anticipated journey to the far reaches of the surf map and beyond. After losing his life’s work in a forest fire, famed photographer Mark McInnis assembles a team of surfers, well-versed in freezing surf expeditions (Pete Devries, Noah Wegrich and Josh Mulcoy). They embarked on a grueling mission in search of inspiration and unknown waves in the violent and unpredictable Bering Sea. What they discover is beyond what they could have imagined.
Screening with: TASGAOUDRAR Réal. Felix Gansicke Prod. Ayoub Abouizza
UK PREMIERE: An exploration of the Berber saying, Tasgaoudrar, ‘behind the mountains’. This beautiful tale is synonymous with those who grew up and found each other without reason or affiliation and through surfing evokes passion, friendship and devotion for a deeper meaning in life.
Presented with: OTHER LAND Dir. Alice Rosaline Ward
UK PREMIERE: Follow the path of Australian surfer Vittoria Farmer, as she journeys through the raw landscape and history of the West of Ireland, experiencing the Atlantic Ocean and the wild and ever-changing elements.
Screening with: SHORTIES pre-selected film Modulation Dir. Tom Rodwell Futuristic animation.
SATURDAY, NOV 26, Riverside Studios // SESSION 1 // 7:00 p.m.
THE GREAT SEA Dir. Lewis Arnold
SPECIAL PREVIEW: From award-winning filmmaker Lewis Arnold and critically acclaimed writer Chris Nelson comes this visually arresting and groundbreaking surf documentary set to shake and reawaken the surfing world. The price of the perfect wave is higher than you think.
Accompanied by a very special Q+A
Screening with: THE PHYSICS OF NOSERIDING Dir. Lawrence Hill.
EUROPE’S FIRST: Noseriding is an iconic surfing move that’s part fluid dynamic, part magic. Acclaimed surfer, writer and noserider Lauren Hill explores what makes this suspension between sky and sea possible.
Display with: RAW Dir. Aljaz Babnik.
UK PREMIERE: How do we deconstruct the way we’ve been conditioned and build a new perception? An award-winning short film with Ambre-Victoire.
SATURDAY NOV 26, Riverside Studios // SESSION 2 // 8:55 p.m.
UK PREMIERE: Kerby Brown sets out to chase mutant waves across the pristine realms of the fierce Southern Ocean. This multi-award-winning documentary explores how far he’s willing to go and what he’s willing to put on the line as he pursues his dreams and attempts to defeat demons.
Presented with: SHORTIES selected film Amble Dir. Seth Hughes Feat. Izzy Henshaw
FRIDAY DEC 2, The Genesis Cinema // SESSION 1 // 7:00 p.m.
I salute you Marie Réal. Ben Gulliver
EUROPEAN PREMIERE: This standout Charger biopic Balaram Stack is lavish, cinematic and jaw-dropping in equal measure. Multi-award winning filmmaker Ben Gulliver’s highly anticipated feature follows Balaram from his childhood days in New York to baptisms by fire in the swells of US East Coast hurricanes and the cavernous cauldrons of Teahupoo, Pipeline and beyond.
Accompanied by a very special Q+A
Screening with: AMYGDALA Réal. Clem McInerney.
WORLD PREMIERE: This gloriously filmed ode to friendship features lavish cinematography, stunning Irish waves and physics-defying feats of aquatic photography.
SHORTIES pre-selected film TURAS Réal. Lewis Arnold with Mark Boyd at home in Scottish casks.
SHORTIES shortlisted film JAYCE ROBINSON Dir. Pontus Palsson with Jayce Robinson scoring at Kernow.
FRIDAY DEC 2, Genesis Cinema // SESSION 2 // 8:50 p.m.
ARNOW Dir. Jack Whitefield
WORLD PREMIERE: A stylized and stylish cinematic portrayal of the enigmatic big wave surfer Tom Lowe. From an unlikely start in a small Cornish fishing town in charge of some of the biggest waves in the world – who is Tom Lowe and what drives him?
Accompanied by a very special Q+A
Screening with: HUNROS JORNA Réal. Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson.
Multi-award-winning experimental film in the Cornish language from the famous duo Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson of “Dark Side of the Lens” fame. With the sublime Gwenno Saunders.
Presented with: TWIN Dir. Roger Sharp.
WORLD FIRST: Forged in Cornish waters, Markie Lascelles is equally at home in a Mentawai barrel as he is in his shaping bay, combining the knowledge passed down in his DNA from his legendary shaper father “Chops” with his own mixture of Kernow magic.
SHORTIES pre-selected film WORSHIP Dir. Adam Norris One year, two counties, mapping some of Britain’s best surfers in the South West.

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