Liberty Vent Yarn | The key game

It was one of the worst losses in a long series of terrible losses.

The coaching staff stole defeat from the jaws of victory, again with their incompetence. And it’s not just the last streak of games.

Liberty was better prepared and they had more energy.

The team may be mediocre and have limited talent, but losing due to a lack of energy and fundamentals is coaching.

These staff do not develop players, motivate players, or consistently use tricks to gain an advantage. What are they doing well other than making excuses.

If Whit’s goal for the football team is what it is right now, then mission accomplished. If Whit doesn’t know how to run an AD, he probably needs to go too.

There was a cryptic tweet from Agent Fuentes where he talked about fans not seeing the forest from the trees.

Does he talk about the DAs and the university’s lack of commitment to the football program?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Other coaches seem to be doing more with less. Cincinnati is in the top 10. BYU is too. Indiana is competitive and plays hard.

I know it’s complicated to get rid of Fuente, but we can’t worry about recruitment and an expensive buyout versus the long-term health of the football program.

I don’t know the economics of how a good football program helps or hurts a college, but I’m a fucking fan, not an economist.

5 seasons is enough to prove that Fuente doesn’t have what it takes. It can’t all be down to the lack of AD support for the football program or fans not donating enough.

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