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Coming in a 2024 campaign poster near you…

Kristi Noem Is So Boring She Can’t Even Make Charlton Heston’s Gun Cry its exciting:

Yeah, I’m following the rest of America, and I’m taking notes:

  1. The NRA labels this little Twitter clip, “Kristi Noem Has SAVAGE Message for Joe Biden and Gun Grabbers. Is “wild” really an admirable term for governor statements? We’re talking about public policy, not televised wrestling.
  2. I could point out the offense our Lakota neighbors may take at the use of a term laden with cultural baggage and used to dehumanize the victims of Euro-imperialism, but the Noem/Lewandowski team would say, “What? Taunt the liberals on guns and Indians all at once? Yeah ! Order more posters!
  3. Even if we close our eyes to history (and we’re good at it here in Noemistan) and look Savage purely denotatively, the Governor does not express a drop of savage ferocity. If you didn’t know English and could only understand tone and body language, you might as well assume that the Governor said, “To paraphrase Liza Clark, Commissioner of the Office of Finance and Management, the rate of South Dakota State’s sale is 4.5. %. »
  4. Kristi’s cold, dead voice matches her cold death scene: no flags, no distinctive attire, not even a flintlock or 12-gauge shotgun gripped in her steel arms to drive the point home. The aging Charlton Heston knew the value of a good prop in making a lasting rhetorical impression. Even Michael Moore acknowledged that Heston’s flintlock grandstand was great cinema. But Kristi can’t animate eight seconds of video with a boomstick from her broom closet. The weapon she dares Joe Biden to take from her hands is as imaginary as the idea that Joe Biden wants to take one of his weapons.
  5. But if Kristi really wants to play wild, then ok, let’s play wild:

Corey Lewandowski, listen to me and listen to Kristi: the girl you’re coaching can’t make the simplest conservative line sound like a battle cry. She’s not the feisty steed you want to ride in the White House in 2024. She’s just relentlessly boring.

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