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Governor Kristi Noem and our Republican lawmakers haven’t read The 1619 project, the Pulitzer Center 1619 study program, or one of substantive discussion of complicated story scientists try to whiten. (I haven’t read much of any of this myself, but the last five hyperlinks suggest I’m doing more research than our dear leaders.) South Dakota GOPers squawk In regards to “critical race theory“and the need to restore”patriotic”Education is fair mimicking the noise of the national apartheidist without no evidence that teachers in South Dakota are demolishing America where are look for federal money burning flags.

This last distraction from the culture war of GOP failure is also another front in the Koch and other wealthy bastards are battling the challenges that honest historical and journalistic investigations pose to the free market fantasies they tell to preserve their wealth and power. So Isaac Kamola, professor of political science at Trinity College Explain:

Why are so many members of the 1776 Commission – and the anti-CRT attack more generally – so closely linked to the think tanks and political organizations of the Koch Network? Answer: Because the efforts of academics, journalists and movements to critically question the enduring impact of American slavery and racism fundamentally challenge the fundamentalist free market ideology that this network has mass-produced during decades. The libertarians of the Koch network have propagated the fantasy that we all live (or should) live in a radically free market, populated by free individuals without race and gender, all pulled by our proverbial bootstraps. In this world, people are rich (or poor) for their own merit (or because governments have tried too hard to make everyone equal). The founding myth of plutocratic libertarians – an American dream on steroids – is essential to sustaining this deeply ideological and pro-business political agenda. This mythical narrative, however, requires careful avoidance of the fact that the United States is not a radically free market but rather a country founded on both the genocide of Indigenous peoples and the racialized practice of movable slavery. Starting from the real historical record, however, it’s impossible to take libertarian mythology seriously – a myth created by rich, white, cis men to justify their own economic superiority.

Think tanks and political operations within the libertarian plutocratic network have therefore invested heavily in this position of war of cultures. Because they advocate the unpopular policy proposals, corporate libertarians see the CRT, the “1619 Project” and other anti-racist intellectual and political movements as an existential threat to their governing ideology, a threat that depends on an imaginary and asocial understanding of unhindered individual freedom. . As such, we should not assume that the absurd and obscene Commission report of 1776 will simply fade away under withered critical scrutiny. Nor that Hannah-Jones will ultimately receive fair treatment from the University of North Carolina board of trustees. Rather, it is political actors, with political motivations and a well-funded infrastructure, who are behind this assault. As such, having an honest conversation about race in America also requires exposing and pushing back financial interests that are economically, politically, and ideologically opposed to that conversation. [Isaac Kamola, “Guest Blog: Where Does the Bizarre Hysteria About ‘Critical Race Theory’ Come From? Follow the Money!Inside Higher Ed, 2021.06.03].

21 states have introduced or passed legislation to censor history teaching regarding American systemic racism. Expect the South Dakota Legislature to join this list in the 2022 session, because where racist capitalist raiders go, South Dakota Republicans are sure to follow.

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