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The Moroccan Justice and Development Party has called for the Arabization of administrative documents and data on the websites of ministries and public establishments.

This was mentioned in a statement by the party’s parliamentary bloc (opposition) to the House of Representatives on Friday.

The party asked about: “The improvement and promotion of the Arabic language in the Moroccan media, and the decline in the use of the Arabic language in public establishments and aspects of life in the country”.

The party also requested the holding of a meeting of the commission for education, culture and communication in the House of Representatives, in the presence of the minister of national education Chakib Benmoussa and the minister of culture and of youth Mehdi Bensaid, to discuss the status of the Arabic language in educational, cultural and public information programs.

Jurists and lawyers have already criticized the adoption of the French language in administrations and documents. The former bar of Rabat Mohamed Barkou had previously demanded to “reject” any document written in French.

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In August 2019, a law reforming education in Morocco entered into force, one of its provisions allowing the teaching of subjects in the French language.

In press releases, political parties and civil associations criticize the adoption of French (the language of the former occupier 1912-1956) in the teaching of school subjects.

The Moroccan Constitution stipulates in its fifth chapter: “Arabic remains the official language of the State, the State strives to protect, improve and develop its use. Tamazight is also an official state language, as it is a common good for all Moroccans without exception.”

World Arabic Language Day falls on December 18 every year. This is the day the United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution No. 3190, endorsing the inclusion of Arabic among the official and working languages ​​of the United Nations.

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