How travel to Morocco survived the pandemic

Tourism has been one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Many travel agencies have gone bankrupt and several professionals have lost their jobs. Morocco, which was once the top destination for tourists in Africa, has closed its borders. The situation was difficult for families and all those who made a living from tourism. Although many businesses closed, others sought alternatives to survive; one of them is Morocco Travel.

The company was created in 2017 by a young Berber man, called Mimoun. He was passionate about cultures and people and this is the main reason that pushed him towards tourism; therefore, he saw tourism as the best area to enrich his effort to discover cultures and people.

The company specialized in private tours in Morocco and travelers can customize their trips. In the tours, many off-the-beaten-path routes were included, which enhanced the company’s reputation. Since the first year, many travelers have started to be referred by their friends, family or others.

From 2 lux cars in 2017, the business reached its peak in 2019 with 10 cars, 6 vans and 3 mini-buses. The success of the company leads its CEO to obtain more loans from banks and to invest the money in buying more cars and hiring highly qualified personnel. However, no one ever wondered that all this success would soon come to an end.

Suddenly, in March 2020, Morocco announced the closure of borders. This shocked everyone, including big business. People started asking questions: how will they be paid? what to feed their family? … etc. For entrepreneurs, it’s another story… how to repay their loans? What to do with its employees? and above all, how to sustain their businesses?

While many owners have branched out into other sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, others have invested their skills to benefit other businesses. After a meeting organized 2 months after the announcement of the Pandemic, the management team of Morocco Travel met to discuss the future of the company and what are the possible solutions to get out of the crisis.

The outcome of this meeting is to engage all participants and provide tourism advice to other businesses in Africa and Asia, where tourism is still alive. During these two years, the team worked with 15 companies in different countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Uganda.

Although the income was not as high as it should have been, they paid off part of the loans and kept the team together for 2 difficult years. However, the major result of this experience is the richness of working with other people from different countries and different cultures. Getting to know other African countries and discovering ways to promote them and help companies increase their customer base was a big challenge.

Currently, all Morocco Travel staff and businesses that have survived the pandemic have opened their doors to travellers; however, this time with a cautious approach. Expanding a business requires more thought, although all the signs are in your favor.

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