How Retford’s new interior design studio will help women in a hostile part of Morocco

An interior design studio will soon reopen in Retford as an expanded store, selling an international collection of rugs.

Georgie Designs, of Carolgate, Retford, will reopen as a showcase as well as a working studio, with a range of Berber rugs on sale.

The design studio works with the Berber Women’s Cooperative, which handcraft uniquely styled rugs and cushions.

Owner Georgina Muirhead said she hopes to provide support to women in what has been a historically hostile and dangerous region of Morocco.

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The cooperative is based in the Moroccan village of Imlil, in the Atlas Mountains, where there remains a strong Berber presence today.

Georgina Muirhead, Owner of Georgie Designs, said: “It’s nice to know that what you buy has been ethically made and that you will be giving back to their community.

Georgina started working with the cooperative about eight weeks ago, when she met them through a local guide in Morocco.

“Going to see these beautiful products made where they came from was just amazing,” she said.

“It’s important to know where your stuff is coming from. So much is now only available online and you don’t know where it’s coming from.”

Berber rugs can come at high prices due to the intricate weaving and the need to import authentic items, but the studio hopes to keep them affordable.

“I don’t want people to feel like they have to take a small mortgage to afford things,” Georgina said.

“And it’s good for them to be able to buy something a little different.”

Georgina said she was optimistic the renovated store will be open by the start of October.

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