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The far-right star identifies as an “Amazigh Jew” and has an anti-Semitic thesis. The polls give him 17%, one point more than Marine Le Pen. The role of televisions in giving them space

On the eve of the 2014 World Cup semi-final between Germany and BrazilEric Zemmour predicted a clear defeat for the Germans, now tainted with the blood of Arabs and Africans, and no longer “blond dolichocephalic”: a term taken from racist publications of the early twentieth century.

presidential election of 2022

It is expected that Zemmour will announce within ten days his candidacy for the presidency of the French Republic. We vote in the spring of 2022. But the character seems to have come out of the 1920s. Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the dynasty which rebuilt the European far right, is generally considered to be the son of Vichy, Pétain, of France collaborator . But this is not a generous definition. Orphan of his father, he drowned in a mine with his fishing boatAt sixteen, Jean-Marie decided to fight the Nazis and introduced himself to a legendary figure in the resistance, Colonel Valin – whose real name was Henri de la Vissière – to whom he said: “My boy, go back to your mother. “Le Pen is certainly a reactionary, but his right, if he has any, is that of French Algeria and the Organization of American States, organizing the secret army that de Gaulle considered a traitor (Jean-Marie had fought in Indochina and Algeria).

presidential election of 2022

Eric Zemmour comes from an Algerian Jewish family. He identifies as an “Amazigh Jew”. Yet he is accused of anti-Semitic races. On the surface, a mystery of history and politics. A leader beloved by young people – “Generation Z” are called his militants – who reopens secular wounds: he doubts the innocence of Dreyfus, quotes Moras and Paris, evokes the motives of France coming from the interwar period , and praises Pétain who “sacrificed the foreign Jews to save the Jews of France”; It is also a mistake. One wonders how a Jew could have criticized the choice of Chirac, the first head of state to recognize France’s responsibility for the arrest of Jews at the Vélodrome d’Hiver. However, Zemmour did it: it was for him that Chirac was mistaken when he asked for forgiveness for the tragedy of the City of Heve, whose prefect, the prefect of police René Bousquet, an anti-Semitic fanatic, was involved to death (he was killed in 1993). Five strokes from my mad executioner) of a fraternal friendship with François Mitterrand, he never gave up even after his election to the Elysee Palace. Regarding the De Gaulle, for him, was a “null and void” Vichy: as if he had never existed. But for Zemmour, the cooperating officials “are not guilty, because it is their duty to obey the state”.

murdered Jewish children

“The Jews have everything as persons, nothing as a nation”: such is the slogan of the revolutionaries of 1789 who have recovered, as if to say that there are only individuals and not ” political bodies ”, and no other identities compatible with the French identity. To translate this principle into our days, Zemmour went so far as to say that Gabriel, Aryeh and Miriam, the three Jewish children who were killed by the Islamist terrorist Mohamed Merah in Toulouse, They were not real French, but “foreigners when they were alive who wanted to remain foreigners when they died”He was also buried in Israel. In addition, Zemmour has a real phobia of “non-French” first names: after Rachida Dati, Sarkozy’s former minister, accused him of having called his daughter Zahra, Sarkozy reproached himself for having given his daughter Carla Bruni an Italian given name: Giulia.


The community leaders hate him. Francis Caliphate, President of the Council of Jewish Institutions of France, said: the scientist: “Not a single Jewish vote should go to potential candidate Zemmour. However, the same newspaper interviewed Jews who, although they preferred to remain anonymous, expressed sympathy for the “potential candidate”: the problem, as they say, is not historical memory. The problem today is the “ethnic replacement” of Islamic immigration.What Zemmour points to the symbol of the Halles metro station, where on Saturday afternoon the children of immigrants from the suburbs descend into the belly of Paris.

Right heir

It is clear that Zemmour would not campaign in the 1920s. He would present himself as the heir to the right wing of Gaullism, “the popular and Bonapartist right, which brings together the popular classes and the national bourgeoisie”. On the program: blocking immigration, end of jus soli and family reunification “national preference” for home and work. More ambiguous formulas that many French people like “Napoleon is our father, the king of the sun, our grandmother, Joan of Arc, our great-grandmother”.

The election

In the polls, Zemmour has 17%, one point ahead of Marine Le Pen. This does not displease Jean-Marie, who met Eric in January 2020 with the daughter of Ribbentrop, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nazi Germany. In fact, no one believed that Zemmour could become president. It seems unlikely that he will go to the polls. It was not even said that his candidacy would be successful: Zemmour succeeded him with two convictions for inciting racial and religious hatred, as well as worrying complaints of sexual assault. But it represents the novelty of this electoral campaign. And he is taken very seriously by the most aggressive French businessman: Vincent Polloré.

Polori television

his TV, News, left him a lot of room as a columnist: with the daily sequence of Zemmour, he went from 0.5 to 5% of his share. Today Bolloré has bought the Lagardère press group, and above all director fired Paris MatchGuilty of having featured a photo of an effusion at sea between Zemmour and his “very close advisor”. (So ​​in the title) Under 35. It would be interesting to see the position of the right-wing French newspaper, Le FigaroZemmour worked as a political editor for thirteen years, then worked on it extensively magazine. In 2017, however, Le Figaro Macron’s support. The president still has a good chance of being re-elected; But he risks taking control of a square of rubble, and without a majority in Parliament.
(And anyway, in the World Cup, an unsuccessful Germany beat Brazil 7-1 at home.)

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