Death toll rises as flooding continues across Sudan

Heavy rains continue across Sudan as several states have yet to account for all the victims of the recent floods. 52 deaths have been recorded so far, but this figure is expected to increase.

As of August 13, a report by the Sudanese National Council for Civil Defense (UNDRR) said 52 Sudanese had been killed and 25 others injured by floods and torrential rains since May. However, this does not take into account the many areas in northern and eastern Sudan that have been cut off since flooding intensified in August.

Nile State and Kassala need help

In the Berber locality, in Nile State, thousands of people affected by torrential rains are still in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Hasan, the Berber locality manager, told Radio Dabanga on the Voice of the States program that at least 25 villages across the state were damaged. The number of damaged houses reached 3,000, of which 2,000 completely collapsed, he said.

Hasan added that there was an urgent need for additional shelter and food across the state, calling on aid organizations to intervene.

In Kassala, eastern Sudan, eight people died and 2,000 houses collapsed in the El Gash River area due to torrential rains and flooding. Local activists have demanded that the El Gash delta be declared a disaster area. Activist Abu Fatima Onour said on his Facebook page that the El Gash River has turned villages in the delta into isolated and inaccessible islands. The area remains accessible only by helicopter.

Floods in East Darfur

In Assalaya, East Darfur, the village of Kuleikeli was also subjected to torrential rains which washed away houses and farms.

A youth representative from the region, Ahmed Yahya, said he had appealed to East Darfur government authorities and other humanitarian organizations to provide aid and assistance to those affected.

According to Sunday’s report by the Sudanese National Council for Civil Defence, 136,000 people in 12 states in Sudan have been affected by heavy rains since May. Torrential rains and flooding destroyed around 8,900 homes and damaged 20,600 others across the country, according to the report.

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