Amazigh ethnicity

A new dawn for the Amazigh cause

This newcomer formed an alliance at the end of 2020 with two political parties that are members of the government majority, the National Rally of Independents (RNI) and the Popular Movement (deputy). Under the leadership of these two political groups, activists of the Amazigh movement are preparing to participate in …

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Berber New Year in North Africa

In North Africa among the Berbers, January 12e is the 1st New Year’s Day 2971 of the Amazigh (Berber) calendar which begins in 950 BC. Egypt until 715 BC. By Rabah Arkam This Berber king had succeeded in unifying Egypt and then invading the kingdom of Israel. He is said …

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Marginalized Indigenous Peoples of North Africa

The Berbers are the descendants of the pre-Arab populations of all of North Africa, from the far west of Egypt to the countries of the Maghreb. The Berbers, who refer to themselves as the Amazighs meaning “free man”, have been fighting for a long time for greater recognition of their …

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