Ben Fogle revisits an artist who lived in the Sahara during the pandemic

Ben Fogle continues his journeys to meet people who have created new, alternate and distant lives for themselves – but in tonight’s all-new episode, he’ll actually revisit an old friend.

In the episode airing tonight (March 22) at 9pm on Channel 5, Ben returns to Morocco where he first met Karen in a 2019 episode of the long-running show Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild.

In a first look at, Karen explains to Ben why his home will be “always changing” and how his life is a “constant journey”. Watch the exclusive clip below.

As Ben explains in the clip, Karen has experienced the heightened isolation of the pandemic while coping with the extreme climate of the Sahara.

The official synopsis for the new episode reads: “Ben returns to the beautiful Saharan landscape of Morocco, where he first met Karen, an extraordinary artist who had turned her back on city life to live in the middle of the desert. .

“Last time, Ben learned how Karen had turned his patch of arid desert into a beautiful artist’s retreat. They walked through sand dunes, built bamboo shelters and embraced Karen’s life in her local Berber village. .

“Ben found he was visiting her at one of the most difficult times of her life – she was mourning the passing of a beloved friend and companion, who inspired her and helped her create her wild house.

“Now Ben discovers how the local community has been a source of strength for her, learns about the constant battle she faces with the elements, and discovers the looming threat that could change Karen’s entire way of life.”

Ben Fogle and Karen in New Lives in the Wild Channel 5

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild continues tonight (March 22) at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.

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