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YouTube has given us the opportunity to watch and listen to learn more about the negative thoughts and feelings of some people in our Arab region outside the Arabian Peninsula towards Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

It is certain that these negative feelings are a modern phenomenon that did not exist in previous centuries and that only a few people are supporters of them and the majority of our Arab brothers have nothing to do with their words and deeds.

There is no doubt that exhausted political ideologies have played an active role in accelerating the pace of this discourse I am talking about here, but these ideologies are not entirely responsible for this phenomenon as they have worked to awaken the feelings buried in the deep in the subconscious and made them float to the surface.

If not, what does it mean that the Gulf States are described as backward by some Arab writers when most of the inhabitants of their countries live below the poverty line and suffer from illiteracy and the poor quality of public services!

The ready accusation is that the Gulf States are monarchies, emirates and sultanates, as if the nature of the political system were a feature in itself, whatever the effects of this system on the development and stability of the country and its consequences for the well-being and daily lives of people!

Some of them even described our wars to defend ourselves and our interests as aggression, while the wars that changed us were actually liberation and jihad.

What worries me is that some of the superficial intellectuals of our Eastern world believe that adopting such a naïve discourse is a progressive, liberal, intellectual and political sign. Things have reached the point where few have resorted to rejecting and questioning Islam simply because its origin is the Arabian Peninsula. They took criticism of Islam as veiled criticism of the Arab element and Arab history.

I don’t think the real problem lies in the different nature of the political systems, because Morocco, for example, is a monarchy, but the Arab ideologues find nothing wrong with the system in power in Morocco, and at the same time we to note that the “liberals” even among our Moroccan brothers do not fail to attack the Gulf countries.

It is noteworthy and also significant that Islamic countries that have not been Arabized in language and culture, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, have no problem with the people of the Gulf countries because they are became Muslims but they did not become Arabized and did not feel that Islam deprived them of their ethnic identity! So why is this phenomenon of hate almost limited to Arab YouTubers who are our neighbors?

Dear reader, stick with me until the end of the thread of this argument and follow it with me publicly until we arrive at a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, then deal with it rationally.

Let’s start by going back to the ancient history of North Africa, Egypt, Iraq and the Levant. Let us remember that when these peoples converted to Islam, they were forced to abandon their original languages ​​and their ancient religions and to forget their ancient civilizations; Assyrian, Chaldean, Akkadian, Canaanite, Aramaic, Phoenician, Pharaonic and Berber.

At the height of the Islamic expedition and the era of conquests, the main civilizations of the Nile basin and Mesopotamia disappeared, so the Arabic language did not find little resistance in the expansion and spread to regions that became part of the Arab-Islamic civilization, due to its proximity to the Arabian Peninsula. The disappearance of ancient civilizations and languages ​​in these regions since antiquity has also contributed to the rapid spread of Arabic language and culture.

And things went on like this until the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, when archaeological excavations and ethno-linguistic studies brought to light the hitherto historical facts concerning their ancient language and culture. Over time, many Arab peoples have realized that their “glorious” past is completely different from their present, and that the Arabs of the peninsula who now adopt their language and religion are none other than Bedouins or “camel herders”. », like Youssef Zeidan. and other so-called intelligentsia described.

We all remember what a Lebanese official said in a television interview, describing the Saudis as “Bedouins”. The strange thing is that the camel alone becomes a symbol of backwardness only because it is associated with the Arabs and the desert, while this attribute does not apply to the rest of the animals.

The secret is that the camel is an icon of the Arab race, what despicable racism. We do not forget that part of this negative image was formed and established due to the fact that the Gulf States, in the initial period of the introduction of public education, hired teachers and experts from the countries neighbours, and these teachers have done their duty well.

Development and the accompanying educational renaissance began later in the Gulf than in the rest of the Arab countries. But the YouTubers I’m talking about here don’t pay attention to how far we’ve come in making progress since then to date.

Thus, the issue turned into a civilizational or cultural rivalry. The demand for enlightenment from these “modernists” has become a regression to prehistoric glories and the revival of declining mother tongues and ethnicities, and in this direction they are as if seeking refuge from a burning fire.

It is paradoxical to reclaim modernity when calling for a return to the newly explored glories of a past lagging behind the modern era. These archaeological discoveries should have been an addition to enrich the present, not a demolition shovel to smash and demolish it.

Our Arab world still suffers from mentalities stuck in the labyrinths of ideology that the blind make them wander, but the setbacks of the Arab “spring” have begun to awaken minds and bring them back to the path of reason and reality. , instead of a utopian world .

Allow me, dear reader, to say that I am the last person who would object to the Arab brothers boasting about their races and their glorious past, but not at the expense of the Arab race, Arab culture and of living reality. All cultures, languages ​​and human achievements – ancient and modern – deserve to be appreciated and respected, provided they do not look down on other cultures and are not a source of conflicts that lead to the disintegration of cohesion. and political stability.

Celebrating the ancient past of each region is a historical responsibility and a very refined civilized behavior. However, this well-deserved celebration of the past should not be an invitation to divide ranks and destroy the linguistic and cultural unity that has been achieved as a result of the message of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or the denial of political unity which began to take shape from the earliest Islamic ages. History must move forward, not backward.

Ancient civilizations are glorious and worthy of pride, research and investigation, but they must not become chains around our necks that set us back, or a veil over our eyes that blinds us to the achievements of the present, or a tool in the hands of those who do not want us to do good to divide our ranks and sow discord and division.

The attention given to the ethnic groups of the past must not divert us from the cultural and linguistic unity which we enjoy today. Our linguistic unity and our common history since the time of the Prophet and the earliest ages of Islam are the secret of our strength and the repository of our living contemporary culture.

If these YouTubers opened their minds, it would be obvious to them that all the Gulf States are an ideal example of development, peace, security and unity in the Middle East, and the GCC is a living example of Arab unity. desired. Our motto is development and achievement, not misleading ideologies and slogans. And whoever steps towards us with brotherhood and cooperation, we would just have to cut the rest of the way, no matter how long it takes.

I would like to remind these YouTubers that a good percentage of families in their country live a dignified life thanks to the income of their children who are hired in the booming labor markets of the Gulf countries and who live with us and among us, strengthened, honored and welcomed, and their testimonies would prove it.

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