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By Sami Zaptia.

London, June 18, 2021:

Libya’s Amazigh Supreme Council (ASC) yesterday renewed its rejection of Libya’s draft constitution and referendum on it, or its adoption as the constitutional basis for a single election, and rejected any constitutional rule – unless all Libyan ethnic components do not agree.

The declaration appears to put a damper on attempts to hold consensual, constitutionally based and timely elections on December 24, 2021.

The Amazighs, it should be recalled, withdrew their participation in the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Authority (CDA), the elected body that drafted the current draft constitution, currently awaiting a legally mandated referendum. The rules for drafting the constitution state that all ethnic minority groups in Libya must approve it.

In its statement following its emergency meeting on Wednesday, the ASC accused unnamed parties of trying to push through programs with particular goals and interests.

He called for fair representation of all Libyans with respect to cultural and ethnic diversity and geographical distribution, and to ensure fair representation of Amazigh women in the Libyan women’s quota.

The CSA called on UNSMIL, as the official sponsor of the political consensus between the parties, to intervene and build the consensus in a way that preserves the rights of the components of the Libyan people.

In conclusion, he affirmed his commitment to the unity, sovereignty and security of Libya and that his people will not be neglected, and that they will live there with their freedom and full rights and that their hands are strained for the good of the country.

Bloc of HoR and HSC members call for adoption of draft constitution for timely elections

It will be recalled that in two separate statements issued on June 10, 51 deputies of the House of Representatives and 91 members of the High Council of State called for the adoption of the draft constitution, as an interim constitution for a presidential election and parliamentary – without holding a referendum on this subject.

Rejection of the constitution by referendum

Referendum avoidance aims to buy time and avoid the possibility of the draft constitution being rejected in the public referendum. Moreover, the results of the referendum would be challenged in court because the Amazighs did not approve the draft constitution.

All of this would mean that the December 24, 2021 elections would not be held on time and could put Libya into another divisive political cycle that could even lead to new fighting.

Despite this, UNSMIL and the international community are pushing Libya to hold the elections on time.

Ninety-one HSC members call for temporary adoption of draft constitution to expedite December 24, 2021 elections | (

Fifty-one members of the HoR call for the adoption of a draft constitution as a provisional constitution for the elections of December 24 – postponement of the referendum due to lack of time | (

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