Algeria suspends gas deliveries to Spain

Algeria suspends gas deliveries to Spain

The Algerian president on October 31 ordered the national energy company Sonatrach to stop sending natural gas to Spain due to disputes over Morocco, various media reported.

The official Algerian press service reported that Algerian President Abdelamdjid Tebboue ordered Sonatrach to end its trade relations with the Moroccan government. Sonatrach in turn was ordered to suspend deliveries of natural gas to Spain due to political tensions with Morocco, which shares a border with Algeria.

Algeria suspended diplomatic relations with Morocco in August, accusing an independence movement in Morocco’s Berber region of playing a role in the forest fires that have killed at least 90 people and burned tens of thousands of lands wooded areas in Algeria.

Tebboune said at the time that “criminal hands” were behind the wildfires, The National press briefing reported.

Algeria sends natural gas to Spain via two separate pipelines crossing the Mediterranean Sea, meeting around a third of total Spanish demand.

The spat will put additional pressure on the European energy sector, which is already grappling with soaring gas and electricity prices amid high demand and supply limitations.

Spanish gas demand was 6.3% higher than in the same period in 2020. There was a 9.8% increase in domestic and industrial demand, accounting for around 83% of the total. Residential demand rose 11.8%, thanks to the January storm, and industrial demand rose 9% as the economy recovered.

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