After singing in Moroccan dialect, Myriam Fares prepares to sing in Tamazight

23 November 2021

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares is about to release a new song that uses the Berber language to sing.

The Lebanese singer revealed, during her intervention in a television program, that she was about to release a new song whose lyrics are in the Amazigh language.

Eleven years ago, Myriam Fares released a song in Moroccan dialect, for which she chose the title “Tallah”, which in the Moroccan dictionary means “away from me”.

As part of her intervention on her new artistic release, the Lebanese singer paid tribute to the Amazighs of the world, whatever their country.

It distinguished the Berbers who settled in the Kingdom of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

She added that she will present a work on Amazigh rhythms, including Amazigh dance, and Amazigh clothing.

In the same context, the spokesperson confirmed that the Amazigh language is very difficult, which will make the song mixed with words from the Moroccan dialect, so that it is easy for everyone to understand.

She revealed that she had already experienced singing on stage in the Berber dialect. She comments that she “did not understand the words”.

She added: “I only understood the content of the song, and this idea came to my mind when I was in the city of Nador, and one night before the concert I decided to memorize an Amazigh song to present it to the public in this city, which includes a large percentage of Amazighs, and after that, I decided that my next album would include an Amazigh song.

Note: The content of this news was written by Al Ain News. He is not expressing an opinion today on Egypt. source cited above.

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