A man of many talents, Christian Wilson enters the blogosphere

A man of many talents, Christian Wilson enters the blogosphere

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Christian wilson is a man of many talents. The junior forward proved it in his debut season with Longwood men’s basketball in 2019-20 when he became one of the best reserves in the Deep South and played a key role in helping the Lancers to. winning a record fourth place in the conference. ranking.

But thanks to the COMM 410 “Digital and Social Media Technology” course he took this summer with Dr. Ryan Stouffer, people got to know Wilson in a whole new light and saw another of his talents developing in the world. process.

Already a scorer and host in the field, a leader in the locker room and a student of classroom communication, Wilson can now add the blogger moniker to his growing list of titles.

As part of the course, Stouffer commissioned Wilson and his classmates to create a personal blog whose topic would be open-ended and would depend on the author. Always articulate and insightful in post-game interviews, Wilson decided to bring up the topic of being a college athlete in the midst of a pandemic, a topic he’s been intimately familiar with since the NCAA took action. unprecedented call to cancel the 2020 NCAA tournament in March.

“What I am going through and what my teammates are going through with sport and the pandemic, thousands of athletes are crossing the country,” he said. “You read a lot and hear a lot of analysts and other people giving their opinion. But whether it’s coming from someone actually going through it and actually on campus is something that I think , would interest people. “

For his first topic, he turned his attention to two intersecting topics that have affected almost every step since March: basketball and COVID-19. Originally from the borough of Queens in New York, he saw with his own eyes how the COVID-19 pandemic could wreak havoc on a community, let alone an entire city. Also a Division I athlete, however, Wilson struggled with the desire to return to a sport he loved and which had long been embedded in his personal identity.

The result was an authentic interpretation of the conflict between these two sentiments, titled “The return of the hoops?” It was her first blog, but it earned her positive comments from her peers and from Dr Stouffer, as well as inquiries from a new audience for when her second post would be published. A week later, he followed up with another entry, “Is time running out for the NCAA?” giving more perspective on how the pandemic was affecting his experience as a college athlete and sports fan in general.

The response to the first two tracks has been equally encouraging, giving him the confidence to pivot hard in his subject matter. Instead of more information on Longwood’s COVID-19-affected pre-season of basketball, Wilson drew attention in his third entry to the racial unrest that gripped the country following the death of George Floyd in May, the Black Lives Matter movement and its own relevant experiences “BLM: a culture change beyond sport”.

Christian wilsonAnd while this topic proved to be a flashpoint for many discords around the country, Wilson had grown confident enough in his voice and writing to approach the issue with the same unwavering confidence he displayed on the pitch. throughout its second season.

“I did not hesitate to express my thoughts,” he said. “I feel like a lot of it was about professional athletes like LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Paul, Serena Williams. One thing they keep saying is that it s is everyone, everyone has a voice. I might not have the platform they have and the ability to reach millions of people like they do, but I still can reaching a few on campus, a few in my neighborhood, a few strangers who might only know me because I’m a basketball player. “

With a strengthened understanding of the written word as a medium, her goal for the third piece was not only to share her feelings on the subject, but also to use her platform as an athlete and blogger to provide perspective for her. readers. It was then that the bulb lit up for Wilson. He realized that with the natural attention he received as a Division I athlete, he could use his voice as a force for positive change.

“If I can give them new information or a new perspective to open their eyes, then I have done my job,” he said.

The article also drew praise from Stouffer, who said that “Christian has done a great job taking a big picture and telling it through his point of view. The goal of the mission is to establish your personal voice and your storytelling skills, and Christian nailed that with a very informative and very personal look at Black Lives Matter. “

Christian wilsonWilson capped his four blog series by covering the world of professional sports and the return of several leagues including NBA, WNBA and Major League Baseball in “And after?” His theme for the latter was the uncertainty surrounding each of those leagues and sports in general, including the college basketball season he and his Lancer teammates were training for on campus at the time.

But even commenting on the uncertainty surrounding his own life and that of the entire country, Wilson noted that he was certain there was more writing in his future.

“I’m still learning a lot about writing and how to communicate effectively through my writing, but I know I liked it,” he said. “The key was to be authentic. I never changed the tone of my writing or did anything different just to get more views. If a post only had 10 views, I was cool with it. it was genuine, I could live with no matter how many people saw it. “


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