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Hind Sebti was born and raised in the Imperial City of Meknes, and brings her love for Morocco and its sensory healing traditions to her skin care brand Whind.

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How would you describe Morocco?

It is my house, the one which gave me everything and which made me what I am, and which taught me beauty: the beauty of its landscapes, from the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert in passing through its endless coasts that straddle the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of its architecture and craftsmanship, with its imperial medinas, impressive Kasbahs, Mediterranean coastal towns and colorful Amazigh arts. The beauty of its heritage – Amazigh, Roman, Arab, Andalusian, European, African – visible everywhere in the diversity of its people, its gastronomy and its art. The beauty of its traditions, customs and rituals, its ancestral modernity, effortlessly linking past and present, keeping alive the backbone of our culture generation after generation. The beauty of its inhabitants, with their generosity, their hospitality and their happiness. Its warmth and accepted contradictions.

How was Wind born and how does it celebrate the traditions of natural beauty of Morocco?

When I decided to create Whind, I wanted to bring high performance skincare to the world, rigorously led by science, but also wrapped in the most sensory experience. Regarding the formulation, I relied on my 20 years of experience in beauty, science and the best laboratories and chemists; As for the sensory experience, I was naturally inspired by Morocco. A few years ago, as I lay down enjoying a wonderful hammam ritual in Morocco and reveling in the wonderful scents of rose water and orange blossom water and the creamy textures of the sea. rhassoul clay, I found the answer. The sensoriality will be inspired by the joyful and transporting scents and textures of Morocco. A brand that wants to share the warmth of Morocco, our point of view and our culture of beauty in the world, and to represent us to a global audience.

Hindi Sebti

What are you passionate about in Morocco at the moment?

I believe that the magic of Morocco lies in our deep respect for beauty and traditions, and I am so proud to see new generations of Moroccan entrepreneurs bringing our ancestral know-how and rituals into the future so that they live forever: people like Salima Chaieb, who reinvents traditions Moroccan fabrics and techniques in the most dreamy dresses; Yousra Nichane, who brings a touch of modernity to the traditional jewelry of our grandmothers so that we can wear them on a daily basis; or Samia Benbrahim from Yelli Jewels, with her neo-Amazigh jewelry.

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