8 Most Exciting Things To Do In Boumalne Dades, Morocco

Morocco is a great place for travelers who appreciate ancient history, as well as rich culture and delicious cuisine, from desserts to savory delights. For example, Morocco has been the site of many popular films like Gladiator, giving tourists a taste of the beauty of the country. So while Chefchaouen is a colorful city well worth visiting, there is another Moroccan destination that has been made for the passionately curious tourist.

Located in the Dades Valley, Boulmane Dades is located in the Moroccan province of Draa-Tafilalet in Tinghir. Boulmane Dades is not just a beautiful backdrop of adobe houses and brightly colored rock cliffs; it is a rich cultural and historical center in the country. Adventurous travelers should therefore pack their bags and find out why Boumalne Dades is a destination worthy of a bucket list!

8 Stay at the Auberge Chez Pierre

  • Address: Douar Ait Ouffi ASJS Km 26 Dades Gorges Boumalne Dades، Boumalne Dades 45150, Morocco
  • Rates: About 80 USD for two people

Located just below the famous Dadès Gorges, this hotel in Boumalne Dadès offers luxury at a low price! Auberge Chez Pierre sits atop a platform overlooking breathtaking valleys and rusty red hills. Guests can also enjoy an upscale stay at the hotel, with architecture inspired by European and Moroccan influences. Relax in the hotel’s beautiful swimming pool (which overlooks the gorge) or enjoy a 5-course gourmet dinner for only 22€! Guests of Auberge Chez Pierre can also book excursions to see nearby attractions like the Valley of Roses and book activities for the whole family, from mountain biking to donkey rides (for kids).

seven Explore the Dades Gorges

The Dades Gorge has been carved into the Dades River in Morocco over millions of years, creating spectacular, brightly colored cliffs reaching 1600ft (or 500m)! When visiting this stunning landscape, enjoy an aerial view of the Gorge Mountain Pass, a winding road amongst the terrain that is a popular photo op for tourists visiting Boumalnes Dades. Also be sure to check out the Monkey Fingers rock formation, which looks like fingers rising above the valley.

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6 See The Valley of Roses

Also known as El-Kelaa Mgouna, the Valley of Roses is as beautiful as it looks! Tourists visiting Boumalnes Dadès flock to the Valley of Roses to smell the roses growing in the desert region of Morocco, with cultivated fields stretching up to 30 km. The valley is located near the village of Kelaat M’Gouna in the Dades Valley, which tourists often visit during the spring season of Morocco, especially in April and May. For beautiful views of the region, head to the summit of M’goun. During his visit, tourists can taste local apricots and learn about the Berber culture of Morocco.

5 Discover the history of Tiylit Castle

Tiylit Castle was built by Jewish communities who lived in southeastern Morocco. Until the middle of the 20th century, Jews inhabited Tiylit Castle, which is on the right bank of the Dades River. Tourists visiting Boulmane Danes who book an excursion can usually explore this historic castle alongside the Kasbah of Mohdach.

4 Breathtaking in the Todgha Gorge

Located on the eastern slopes of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, Todgha Gorge (also spelled as “Todra”) is a sight for sore eyes. Similar to how Gandikota is considered the Grand Canyon of India, Todgha Gorge is the Grand Canyon of Morocco! Located near the Moroccan town of Tinerhir, tourists can admire the dizzying river canyons, evoking feelings of grandeur, wonder and wonder while admiring the deep red canyons.

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3 Admire the architecture in Ait Ben Haddou

Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ait Ben Haddou in southern Morocco gives tourists a taste of what pre-Saharan life was like in modern times. Also known as Ksar of Aït-Ben-Haddou, visitors can admire beautiful Moroccan architecture when touring this gem, made from bright red clay bricks and centuries-old wood. Explore it ksar (or fortified village) during a stopover in this historic site.

2 Explore the Kasbah of Mohdach

The Kasbah of Mohdach is a monument built for Mohdach, a French assistant in politics. Today, this popular tourist attraction represents an important part of the region’s political and cultural history, often seen as a symbol of colonization and authority. Tourists can visit this Kasbah next to Tiylit Castle, although this landmark is in Aughrud, which is quite a distance from Boulmanes Dades itself.

1 Direction Skoura

Located in the Moroccan province of Ouarzazate, Skoura is known for its array of palm trees, bustling markets and fortified earthen architectures like the Kasbah Amridil. Rather small town, Skoura is ideal for a day trip, showing visitors the beauty of a desert oasis in the heart of Morocco! Browse the local market for bargains and souvenirs to take home, or make a new furry friend while taking a camel ride around town.

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