3 illegal immigration attempts foiled for the second time in a week – Middle East Monitor

The Tunisian Interior Ministry announced on Friday that naval units of the National Guard had succeeded in thwarting three illegal immigration attempts by 27 people, who were heading for Italy.

This came in a statement released by the ministry, including Anadolu Agency got a copy. The press release reveals: “The naval units of the National Guard in the governorates of Nabeul and Bizerte succeeded Thursday evening in thwarting three clandestine crossings of the maritime borders towards Italy from the Tunisian coasts, arrested 27 people, and seized a sum of ‘money to foreign currency. “

The statement added: “The prosecution has ordered to take the necessary legal measures in this regard.”

On Monday, the Tunisian Interior Ministry announced that naval units of the National Guard were able to rescue 103 illegal immigrants whose boat broke down while sailing to Italy.

Since the revolution of December 17, 2010, Tunisia has experienced a remarkable increase in the number of irregular migrants, despite the tightening of security measures on the coasts.

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According to official figures, 22,000 young people immigrated illegally in 2011, heading for the Italian coast.

Last August, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) confirmed that there had been a 19.63 percent increase in unemployment from the previous year.

Irregular migration to Europe continues, especially to Italy, where migrants hope to find jobs and better life prospects to escape the repercussions of the economic and political crises facing most countries in the region.

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