Monthly Archives: May 2019

Payday loans jump in Canada

“Canada’s payday loan industry provides a vital service to cash-strapped Canadians who are struggling to access other sources of credit in times of crisis,” said Pedro Antunes, Associate Chief Economist at the Conference, in a statement. Board. When considering strengthening the regulatory requirements for the sector, policymakers must consider the …

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Akal movement struggles to revive Tamazight language and identity – Middle East Monitor

The founders of Tunisia’s emerging AKAL party say the time has come to rehabilitate the Tamazight language and identity of the country’s indigenous people, who have been marginalized for decades. The word “Akal”, which means land in the Tamazight language, has a fundamental meaning for the cultural movement that has …

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The best lenders to get a loan online in 24 hours

Nowadays, on the internet, getting a loan in just 24 hours is possible, thanks to the numerous sites that have accessible funding for most of the applicants. Furthermore, these portals guarantee the necessary security and transparency in transactions. In particular for those operations that concern our country. How to get …

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