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The state of Amazigh culture in Algeria and Morocco

[ad_1] Originally from North Africa, the Amazigh people, sometimes known as Berbers, have spent decades fighting for cultural recognition in the predominantly Arab region. For years, Amazigh activists have engaged in a battle against oppressive policies while trying to promote measures that would help preserve Amazigh identity. Despite recent successes, …

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Celebrating the Amazigh New Year in Morocco and beyond

Moroccan Imazighen (plural of Amazigh, meaning “free man” or “noble man”), as well as Imazighen from neighboring North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, and even from all over the world , celebrate the first day of the Amazigh year 2969 today January 12. Unlike the commonly used Gregorian …

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Ring in 2969 with the Ottawa Amazighs

[ad_1] Inside a small community center in Gatineau, women in brightly embroidered dresses sing songs of the Amazighs, the indigenous people of North Africa. The women are preparing for a performance this Saturday to celebrate Yennayer, New Years Day for Amazighs, also known as Berbers. January 12 marks the start …

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